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Harshada Gandhi- Founder and Managing Director

Harshada Gandhi

Founder and Managing Director GyanYogMatr

A charismatic individual born in Mumbai, India into a traditional Hindu family.  Harshada’s journey is a fascinating blend of diverse professional experiences within Health care, fund raising for social cause and sports NGO with a sincere commitment to holistic well-being, spirituality and sports advocacy. Her exposure transcends across multiple cultures and national boundaries having lived  and worked in India,  UK and the UAE.

Harshada’s educational foundation is rooted in a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Food Science from Mumbai University. Building on this, she pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Mumbai and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management from the University of Sunderland, London, UK.

Spirituality has been an integral part of her life as she found solace and belief in her Guru from Amravati, India. Recognizing that life itself can be a profound teacher, especially when tutored by the principles of yoga, she incorporates spirituality into every aspect of her life—body, mind and soul.

She began her professional journey as a Diet Counselor at a Weight Management Center followed by responsibilities of Personal Assistance to a disabled person with DMD Biography (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) in London, contributing her skills to make a positive impact to differently abled persons. She participated in various Disability Charity events while in UK. Returning   to  India,  she spearheaded  a project focused on  designing

child-centric homes, emphasizing holistic  child development by providing opportunity and access to best form of sport, art, mental growth and development. She dedicated her efforts to a sports NGO, identifying and supporting budding sports talents across India and across different sports. Her role included identifying the talent, securing funding for their sports education and training, tracking and supporting their development needs, ultimately sponsoring them to participate in prestigious events, including the Olympics.

Harshada herself is an accomplished runner. She has run few half marathons, including the prestigious International Mumbai Marathon in 2016. In the course of her professional journey, Harshada has been a catalyst in fostering a passion for sports and spreading the significance of regular exercise in one’s life. Harshada’s interest in real estate led her to engage in projects in South Wales, UK, where she expanded her horizons by nurturing the concept of wholesome living and lifestyle.

A proud mother of a 6-year-old daughter, Saamragyi and a 4-year-old son ,Yuvaan, Harshada draws inspiration and learning from them.  She believes in the science and purpose of celebrating festivals and maintaining a disciplined approach to pass on valuable traditions to her children.

Amrish Gandhi

Founder & Director GyanYogMatr Yoga Center LLC

Amrish, born into a Hindu Jain family deeply rooted in sports, emerged as an accomplished professional with a successful corporate career spanning over 25 years. Hailing from a sports-embracing lineage, where his father excelled in hockey and mother being an avid sports enthusiast, his journey in sports began at a very young age. Characterized as an exuberant & energetic child, Amrish’s mother recognized his innate potential early on and enrolled him in a sports summer camp at the age of 6, embarking his sports journey and igniting his passion for sports.

Guided by his mother, an unwavering pillar of support, and drawing inspiration from his family’s sporting legacy, Amrish excelled in Mallakhamb, an Indian sport a blend of yoga, acrobatics and gymnastics. Reigning as the National Champion for an impressive 11 years, he was bestowed the prestigious ‘Shiv Chatrapati’ Award from the State Government of Maharashtra, the highest recognition by the Government for sports achievements. He was also the All India University Champion for 3 Meter Springboard Diving.

At a tender age of 10, he was recognized by the Government of India to represent India in the Cultural and Sports Exchange events, garnering praise at these events as the youngest sportsperson across all the participating nations. Amrish’s distinguished sports career has been marked by  numerous awards,  trophies,  and recognition at  district,  state, 

Amrish Gandhi

and national levels. Page 1 of 2 Biography As recent as 2016, he embraced a new challenge influenced by his wife Harshada, taking up running. Encouraged by her support, he completed two half marathons and one full marathon before the onset of the COVID era.

Besides his sporting achievements, Amrish holds an Engineering degree and a postgraduate executive qualification from IIM-Bangalore. Excelling academically, he ranked first in his management program at IIM-Bangalore and was a ranker through his engineering years at the University, school and secondary college years. He attributes his academic success to his sports background, emphasizing the life skills he acquired through the discipline, focus, determination, and resilience cultivated from his sports field. A firm believer that sports prepares individuals for life’s challenges and the life events, Amrish advocates for introducing sports and meditation to children from an early age.

His own experiences with sports in handling success and failure have shaped his perspective, highlighting the importance of dedication, hard work, perseverance and support & guidance from mentors, colleagues, and loved ones. He strongly believes that his sports journey had many positive impacts on his professional career and personal life events. Beyond the physical realm, Amrish embraces a spiritual side, emphasizing the transformative power of yoga, meditation, and visualization. These practices, instilled since his early sports days, have enabled him to connect with his inner self, providing clarity and determination in his life decisions. As a proponent of Yoga, he believes it holds the key to training the mind for awareness, presence and holistic well-being. Amrish continues to inspire others, emphasizing the integration of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects through Yoga in the pursuit of a fulfilling life.


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